How to Define Best Web Hosting and its 3 Types


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# Disk Space:-

it refers to space available in hosting in form of KiloByte (KB), Mega Bite (MB), Giga Bite (GB), TeraByte (TB) to store all file like as codes, content, plugin, theme, image, video, etc all.

# SDD and HDD:-

 Basically, tipical Laptop/Desktop have HDD storage and Mac-Book, Apple have SDD. SDD has faster than HDD. So, always choose SDD storage hosting for your website. Your website speed also depends upon better hosting. For tipical website, HDD storage hosting also better.

# Band Width:-

Bandwidth generally understands by how much storage file (MB, GB, TB) provided can download by traffic per day facility provided in the website. It depends directly on the hosting provider.

If you have 2 GB data file in your website and 100 number of traffic/client downloads it, its bandwidth is  2 GB x 100 nos = 200 GB. So,


Always choose unlimited bandwidth available hosting while purchasing hosting from hosting provider. Because of viral your website make high downloads, limited Bandwidth affects your traffic while downloading your provided storage file.

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# Server:-

website all over the world are lunch under two name server known as:-

a. Linux server:- it is more popular and millions of websites run inside the Linux server. All language PHP, Java, Html work inside it.  It is less expensive than a windows server.

b. Windows server:-  if you have developed your website with .net or ASP, you must have a windows server. Because of PHP etc language not work inside the windows server, only windows language is workable. It is costly because it should buy a license for its operating system.

Linux and windows server is divided into the following categories to website hosting.

Various types of hosting use for websites lunch are:-

    1. Shared Hosting:-

a number of users lunch their website using single computer storage/space buy from hosting provider with sharing name server known as shared hosting. In another word, VPS server divides and sell in lunch number of website to client known as…………*


In shared hosting, single SSD or HDD is shared for a number of users with single or multiple control panels (C-panel). For fresh bloggers or web designers shared hosting is better because it is very cheap in price.

it is the same as folder buy or take into rent inside hard disk (24/7 day support)  online storage to lunch website from hosting provider.  

After viral your website you can upgrade your storage from shared hosting to Virtual Private Server.

Note:- Before purchase shared hosting conform it hosting transferred/upgrade facility is available or not.

     2. VPS (Virtual Private Server):-

it is the advancement of shared hosting or virtual machine inside a dedicated server. And it is expensive than shared hosting. it is the same as hard disk buy or take into the rent (24/7 day support) online storage to lunch website from hosting provider. It is more secure than a Shared folder.

      3. Dedicated Server:-

Millions of traffic cannot handle Virtual Private Server or shared hosting server, in this case of your viral website on search engines, you need to upgrade your website inside Dedicated Server. In a dedicated server, the hosting provider provides a single computer with a high operating system for your website.

 It is more private and secure than VPS and shared hosting server. This server provides dedicated RAM, CPU, and Processer and the full server is given you to host your website. This is too expensive server. It is the same as a single computer buy or taken into the rent (24/7 day support) online storage to lunch high traffic website.


I hope you can understand about shared, VPS, and Dedicated Server With the following layout diagram.



#1 Best International web hosting provider:-

The paid company that provides better hosting services to lunch websites are:-

#2 Best web hosting provider inside Nepal:-

The paid company that provides better hosting services to lunch websites are:-

#3 Free web hosting provider

at a learning phase of website development, you can use free web hostings that are:-

  • 00webhost
  • freehostia
  • x10Hosting
  • AwardSpace

I hope these articles help you to know about hosting as shortly.


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