13 Best Ways to Website Loading Time Optimization


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Website development does not matter if your website speed is not better. If you have a beautiful website with unique content, but the speed of the website is not good, then that website is not good.

The website loading time plays a hidden role in showing the website on the first page of Google Search Engine.

Normally, if the loading time of the website is more than 8 seconds, your website will be ignored by the traffic.

How can we find the issue related to website loading time?

Generally, website loading speed issue is determined by various tools. Generally, used tools are GtMatrix and Googlepageinsight.

So, if you want to make website loading time less second, follow given below guidelines step by step and apply as a practical.

At first, I say you,

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@ If you used cracked or nulled plugins or themes to develop a website, then ignore it. Nulled plugins/themes contain extra code, ads and viruses resulting increase your website loading time and your website may be hacked at any time.

If you have a website then generally the following point should be considered for website loading time.

#1 Purchase best web hosting.


A number of the company provides online storage for the website. but only a few companies have the best hosting provider. various reason like a financial problem, Everyone uses cheap hosting to live website that may result in problem in loading time of the website.

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If you are a fresh developer or blogger and trying to develop a website then you can purchase cheap hosting. after your website on live and getting traffic at a high volume. then, you need to upgrade the hosting server as per your traffic volume in your site.

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#2 Use of uniform and less colour.

A number of colours, various colour with the high gradient(deep colour) makes high graphics. high graphics take more time to load the website. 

So, you must know to use uniform colour and less gradient colour throughout website while design website. if possible use less colour to design a beautiful website.

Uniform colour throughout the website also makes the website beautiful.

#3 Image Compression.

Image compression means getting an image without losing any quality, small size on disk. image may be JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF etc. image compression is most important to decrease the loading time of the website.

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For WordPress developer number of image compression plugin with free or pro version are available to compress images. the free version does not facilitate high image compression. you need to purchase premium version to high compression and use all other special features.

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If you are unable to purchase a premium plugin, then you can use online image compressor tools for any type of images compression.

#4 Serve scaled images.

Scaled image means the size of the image more/less than you required. generally, the site icon size is 512 x 512 px. if you used greater/lower than 512 x 512 px, site icon scaled image problem occurs. similar way while designing a website, it is needed a number of images. while choosing an image it must be the exact size of your requirement.

Ex, if you want to show a 600 x 300 px image on site. choose best 600 x 300 px image. don’t use an image like 900 x 450 px or 500 x 250 px. it has a high impact on website loading time and SEO.

#5 Uses of Theme and Plugin.

There are numbers of WordPress themes and plugins available in the market. but while developing website we consider maximum top 20 popular themes and plugins.

Some themes have heavyweight, causes take more time to website loading. so, while purchasing the theme to develop a website, you need to purchase less weight popular theme and most useful plugins only.

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If you are well in coding, you can develop your own lightweight theme.

Use premium plugin/theme and less number of plugins that makes the website more featured to minimize and make the website less weight resulting in good performance of website loading.

Daily update plugins and theme used in a site and use less number of plugins to develop the site.

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#6 Reduce the impact of third party code.

During the stage of developing a website, Developer use third-party code like youtube video embeds, social media (like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp or other) embeds to direct contact with the client. that may cause increase website loading time. If possible reduce its requirement.

#7  Use CDN

CDN means Content Delivery Network. Popular hosting company provide online storage integrated with Content Delivery Network and provides good services. it helps to traffic search requirements fast delivery on the search engine.

Cloudflare also provides free CDN services. you can easily connect your site with Cloudflare for Content Delivery Network.

#8 Compression of HTML,CSS and Javascript.

Use Gzip for software file and another document compression that reduces CSS, Html and JavaScript. Don’t use the image in the Gzip file. Compress image using photoshop or online compression tools.

#9 Minifying HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Minifying means the process of removing unnecessary character in the source code. these characters are useful for human but not for machine.

There are a number of online tools for minifying HTML, CSS and Javascript manually. for example, some tools are  cssminifier.com, csscompressor.net, javascript-minifier.com, htmlcompressor.com, minifycode.com.

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If you are WordPress developer, some free or premium plugin help you to minify HTML, CSS and Javascript.


#10 use web-safe font.

Web safe font installed locally on the computer system and requires less time for loading. that help to website loading time improvement.

Some web-safe fonts are times new roman, veranda, comic sans, sans serif, Arial black etc. use similar font throughout the website.

#11 Make fewer HTTP request.

HTTP refers as Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It makes fewer by minifying, combining HTML, CSS and Javascript files, optimizing images and removing unnecessary images and files from storage and fixing render-blocking CSS and Javascript file.

#12 Reduce redirects.

To reduce redirects use a responsive design that means the site is desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly.

The proper implementation of trailing slash that means page rewrite rules (8nos) to avoid duplication content in webmaster also helps reduce redirect.

Up to 3-page rules are allowed free if you are using Cloudflare. Otherwise, create page rules and paste it inside .htaccess file inside the server.

#13 Browser Cache & Add expires Header

Every website have a static file like HTML, CSS and Java and these files do not change instantly that means if you request page yesterday and again today, the same file downloads every time. That takes times to site load so, browser cache & add expiry header is required to fast load website. Browser cache & expiry header is added in .htaccess file.

A number of plugins also available to minimize this problem if you are a WordPress developer.


" For WordPress site, mostly used plugins are autoptimize, Fast Velocity Minify, W3 Total Cache, Wp fastest Cache. these tools are free and paid version available whereas wp-Rocket is a premium plugin with  fast loading features. The maximum described above problem is solved by one plugin anyone named if you are used the premium version."


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